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Ikea is a great source for well designed furniture, but it can sometimes feel like a hassle to shop at the store, especially when you are in a hurry and would rather skip getting used to the Scandinavian product names.

Our business is to improve on IKEA's delivery options, provide responsive, flexible, affordable, prompt and reliable solution for New York City residents.

up to $100
2 items
up to $500
10 items
up to $1000
20 items
up to $1500
30 items

* Please get a custom quote for large orders

No alarms and no surprises

No one likes surprises in the bill. With us you always know your service charge in advance. There is no extra charge for tolls, no parking surcharge, no walk-up fees and no credit card processing percentage. No hidden fees really.

You can save $100 on your next order.

Let's say you live in Manhattan and need to order $1000 worth of IKEA furniture. See how you can save $107.75 in such case by comparing two example invoices below.

            ONLINE ORDER

   IKEA products:           1000.00
   TAX (8.875%):              88.75
   Delivery Fee:             199.00
   Total:                   1287.75


   IKEA products:           1000.00
   TAX (3.5%):                35.00 
   Delivery Fee:             145.00

   Total:                   1180.00

Get reliable service and pay LESS!

Comparison of IKEA Delivery Services

Online Order
Similar services
Delivery charge from $75 $199 from $99
Same Day Assembly Yes No Yes
Credit Card Payment No fees No fees extra 3% fee
5% Tax Savings Yes No Maybe
Hidden Fees No No Maybe (tolls)
Assembly Warranty Yes No Yes
Payment due Upon delivery Upfront Upon delivery

* * *

Delivery Charge: According to the Ikea Delivery Pricing Tool it would cost $199 to deliver to Manhattan.

5% Tax Savings: We will deliver your order from IKEA Elizabeth, NJ where the sales tax is only 3.5% (compared to 8.875% in IKEA Brooklyn). You also have to pay the full NYC sales tax when you are placing Online Order.

IKEA delivery in 3 easy steps

1: Get your quick flat-rate quote. It's free.

2: Our team pick and deliver your order from IKEA store to your apartment or office.

3: You receive your IKEA order and make the payment upon delivery.

We accept the following forms of payment: Cash, Credit Cards.


IKEA Assembly Service in NYC. Delivery from IKEA Brooklyn store.
511 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10011 US
Phone: 347-620-3492